Council Minutes Town of Victoria January 16, 2018 

Mayor Barry Dooley

Deputy Mayor Gord Ash
Councillor Jennifer Moores

Councillor Kelly Loch
Councillor Sharon Snooks

Councillor Glenn Clarke
Councillor Jennifer Baker
Jamie Clarke, Working Foreman - Regrets

Shelly Butt, Town Clerk/Manager


Mayor Dooley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. One observer from 13B Cole’s Road.

Residents from #127A Church Road presented letter regarding business tax for Amanda’s Crafts, 2018. Inquired

as to why a business tax bill was issued and gave overview of the activities being conducted from the residence. It
was stated an active Facebook Page from the residence property indicates the making and selling of goods/services
for profit is being carried out as well as publically selling from venues such as craft fairs, etc. and displayed on
social media. Council to review later in the meeting.

ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA: January 16, 2018
Motion 2018-1 Loch/Baker

Be it resolved the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council for January 16, 2018 be adopted with the noted

addition. Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

MINUTES / COUNCIL MEETING: December 19, 2017
Motion 2018-2 Snooks/Moores No errors or omissions noted
Be it resolved that the minutes of the Regular Council meeting of December 19, 2017 be adopted as presented.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

 Bill/Accounts: The Accounts Payables were presented for discussion and approval, totaling $51,232.87.
Motion 2018-3 Baker/DM Ash
Be it resolved to approve payment of the remaining bills totalling $51,232.87. Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

 Town Clerk’s Report: Dec. 18/17 – Jan 12/18
Motion 2018-4 Loch/Clarke Previously Circulated For Review
Be it resolved to accept the Town Clerk Manager’s Report, Dec. 18/17 – Jan 12/18 as presented.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

 Working Foreman’s Report: Dec. 18/17 – Jan 12/18
Motion 2018-5 Clarke/Snooks Previously Circulated For Review
Be it resolved to accept the Working Foreman’s Report, Dec. 18/17 – Jan 12/18 as presented.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

 VVFD 2018 Budget Review. Mayor Dooley and DM Ash met with three members of the department and
discussed the Miscellaneous and Rescue Tools Expenses, which was then broken down in detail. Seven
members of the department have received the Vehicle Extraction Course. VVFD will register with the RCMP
Detachments in the area for emergency calls once rescue tools have been acquired.

 Residential Letter - #137-143 Church Rd, Re: Continued Loss of Water and/or Water Pressure. Discussed loss
of water and/or water pressure during Dec. 27-29, 2017 due to slushy-snow at Rocky Pond, the impact of water
loss in higher elevations of Victoria as well as possible options that maybe available to combat this issue.
Reply to resident with same information. TC/M will contact the Town of Carbonear to inquire if they have
anything in place to assist with this same issue.

 Persalvic Elementary School – Family Literacy Day, Jan. 25/18 @1:15 p.m. and Proclamation. Mayor Dooley
signed proclamation and both Mayor Dooley/DM Ash will attend to read a book during this time.

 Donation Request, Re: 22nd Annual Swim for Hope 2018. Fundraiser for Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care
Councillors Moores/Baker declared a conflict of interest position as per the Municipalities Act 1999, Section
207 (1-b) leaving the chamber at 7:50p.m.
Motion 2018-6 Clarke/Snooks

Be it resolved to approve to donate $100.00 towards the 22nd Annual Swim for Hope 2018 Fundraiser.
Favour 5; Opposed 0; Carried (Councillors Moores/Baker returned to meeting at 7:51 p.m.)
 CBN Joint Council Economic Development Attraction Pkg., cost per town, $590.91; re-tabled from Dec. 19/17.
 DM Ash/Councillor Clarke declared a conflict of interest position as per the Municipalities Act 1999, Section
207 (1-b) leaving the chamber at 7:53p.m.
Motion 2018-7 Loch/Snooks

Be it resolved the Town of Victoria approve an expenditure of $590.91 for its contribution to the CBN Joint

Council’s Economic Development Attraction Package Project. Favour 5; Opposed 0; Carried
(DM Ash/Councillor Clarke returned to the meeting at8:01 p.m.)

 Change Order Approval, Municipal Infrastructure, MA&E for White’s Road, CWWF Construction Change
Order#1 for $2,162.00 – Live Sewer Video Inspection and PCA Change Order for $856.75.
Motion 2018-8 Clarke/Baker
Be it resolved to approve and sign the Construction Change Order #1 for $2,162.00 Re: Live sewer video
inspection for Project # 17-CWWF-17-00026, White’s Lane Water/Sewer System Upgrades.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

Motion 2018-9 Baker/Moores
Be it resolved to approve and sign the PCA Change Order #1 for $856.75 Re: Additional Materials Testing for
Project # 17-CWWF-17-00026, White’s Lane Water/Sewer System Upgrades.PCA Change Order.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

Information Correspondence from Dept. of Municipal Affairs & Environment as follows:
 Circular Re: Public Consultations on Municipal Legislation, TC/M requested any suggestions be submitted by
 Approval of Prime Consultant Agreement Re: Cole’s Road 17-SCF-18-00064. Harris & Assoc’s Ltd approved
for $26,201.05.
 Approval to Borrow, Re: Municipal Garage. Approval to borrow from CIBC, Mount Pearl, NL an amount not
to exceed $155,745.00.
 Clean & Safe Drinking Water Workshop 2018, for March 27 -29, 2018, Quality Hotel & Suites, Gander, NL.
One councillor and two outside staff registered to attend.

Letter submitted during Council meeting, Re: Amanda’s Crafts Creations 2018 Business Tax Bill.
Motion 2018-10 Snooks/Loch
Be it resolved to accept the signed declaration that Amanda’s Crafts Creations will not operate a business in the
town of Victoria in 2018 or thereafter, to remove the 2018 business tax charge and close the account.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

TC/M stated this should be passed to the Finance Committee for review in consideration of noncompliance with
the town’s Homebased Business Policy, the approved 2018 Tax Structure and the Municipalities Act 1999,
Sections 2 (c) and 120.

For Discussion: Development on the Abandoned Reid Railway at the east-end of Victoria for a Multi-Purpose
ATV/Bike Trail without Council’s permission.
(Councillor Loch declared conflict of interest as per Section 207-1(c) & 2, leaving the meeting at 8:14 p.m.)
Letters/emails received from concerned residents with property bounded by the railway. Council was informed
that permission was given to allow continued development of this proposed trail within a few hundred feet of
residential properties at a meeting with some members of the proposed trail group, in the fall of 2017, however;
more extensive work was done beyond the agreed point. Next meeting with trail group: Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 at
7:00 p.m., at which time all members will be informed that continued development of a trail is prohibited until
such time it is agreed as to where the trail will be located at Victoria’s east-end boundary. In addition, they will be
informed that development of any type can only take place within Victoria’s boundaries by majority vote of
council, including a proposed trail and its location. (Councillor Loch returned to the meeting at 8:36 p.m.)

Naming of the Victoria Fire Hall. In-depth discussion took place by all councillors.
Motion 2018-11 Clarke/Snooks
Be it resolved to approve that Victoria’s Fire Hall will be named after the first Fire Chief and the Civic Functions
Committee to plan an event at the Fire Hall, including a plague/signage for the building.
Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

Poll Tax Arrears: Town Clerk/Manager requesting the Finance Committee to recommendation how to collect.
MNL Avalon/Eastern Regional Meetings scheduled for Jan. 26 – 27, 2018 at the Holiday Inn, St. John’s, NL.
Recommended for the TC/M to attend as well as any other councillor not currently registered.
Next CBN Joint Council Meeting: Feb 1, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in Victoria and if possible, all councillors to attend.
Emergency Management Preparedness Committee and Plan: Discussed reactivating this committee, reviewing
and updating the emergency management preparedness plan, as well as the committee structure and a new
direction as to how the committee will be operated, with Council as the ultimate authority over the committee.
Mayor Dooley will contact the current committee chair to advise of Council’s restructuring of this committee.
The remaining items on the agenda were of a confidential nature and recommended to call a privileged meeting,
with the public dismissed for discussion.
Motion 2018-12 Baker/Clarke
Be it resolved to call a privileged meeting at 8:53 p.m. Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried
Motion 2018-13 DM Clarke/Moores No visitors remaining.
Be it resolved to reconvene into a regular public meeting at 9:57 p.m. Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried
Next Regular Council Meeting: Feb. 6/18.
Motion 2018-14 Snooks/Clarke
Be it resolved to adjourn the meeting at 9:58 p.m. Favour 7; Opposed 0; Carried

Barry Dooley - Mayor

Shelly Butt -  Town Clerk/Manager