The Victoria Heritage Committee meet the 2nd Monday of each  month


The Heritage Archives are located upstairs at the Victoria Town Hall.



Current Members include:  


President Frank Antle –

Secretary – Elihu Antle –

Treasurer – Lloyd Clarke -

PR – Diana Dove -

Archivist – Harold Antle –



Antle              Elihu

Antle              Frank

Antle              Harold

Burke             Art (Mayor)

Burke             Dan

Byrne             Dennis

Clarke            Jim

Clarke            Lloyd

Dove              Diana

Flight              Goldie

Kelloway       Art

Mercer          Bernice (Sis)

Parsons         Winnie

Pryor             Donna

Sutton           Manuel Jr.

Torraville      William

Troope          Dorothy

Heritage Society Report 2014

Victoria Heritage/Tourism Society

2014 Annual Report


Mission Statement:

“The Victoria Heritage/Tourism Society is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Town of Victoria and to share it with visitors and generations to come.”


Presented to Victoria Town Council January 19th, 2015


Victoria Heritage/Tourism Society Members


Antle           Elihu

Antle           Frank

Antle           Clara

Antle           Harold (June)

Baldwin      Edith

Burke                   Art 

Burke                   Mary

Burke                   Roland (Dan)

Butt            Stella

Byrne                   Dennis

Clarke         Glenda

Clarke         James

Hiscock       Vivian

Kelloway    Art

King            Elihu

Mercer        Bernice

Parsons       Winnie

Pryor          Donna

Snook                   Sharon (Deputy Mayor)

Sutton         Manuel (June)

Torraville    William

Troope        Dorothy



2014 has been a banner year for the Heritage Society.

As always our success is based on the support we have received from the Town of Victoria, Victoria Lions Club, Evergreen 50 Plus Club, VCDC, Victoria Recreation, the citizens of Victoria who have supported us in so many ways, and to the visitors from far and wide who came to see us and enjoy our coffee house events.

MHA Sam Slade has become a supporter of the Heritage Village and has been promoting it throughout his travels.

The boardwalk continues to attract many people, not only local citizens but visitors from far and near to the park. They enjoy not only the boardwalk and buildings but the horses, goats and Sid the cat. Several citizens continue to bring along food for the animals and we thank them for their generosity.

The Coffee House has been excellent Public Relations project for the Village. A special thanks to everyone who participated and attended this event each week during the summer.

Monthly meetings were held at the Town Hall meeting room. Some highlights of our year include:

In February we participated in the Victoria Recreation Winter Carnival by having a Kitchen Party. Everyone enjoyed a fine time of music and food.

In March, Elihu and Frank attended a Heritage Forum in Carbonear.

Emmie Evely donated her store to the Heritage Society.

On June 22nd we laid a wreath during the War Memorial Service.

In June we began our Coffee House. Will Clarke and Donna Pryor were the organizers but every member helped out throughout the summer.

In July and August we participated with the VCDC so that our students could work together.

August was a busy month.

I met with Newfoundland Power regarding the Power House Museum and they will be looking into fixing up the building and turning it over to the Heritage Society.

During the first weekend in August the Annual Victoria Day Celebrations helped shine the light on the Heritage Village and the turnout was great all day.


The Victoria Day celebration was a kick off to our Heritage Days celebration which lasted for a week, with numerous events each day.


"The Wedding” was the social event of the year and everyone who attended went away with a smile on their face.


We held our first Annual Golf Tournament, which was quite successful. I take this opportunity to thank everyone, (participants, sponsors, town staff, volunteers), for their time and effort.


The event took place at Pitcher’s Pond Gold Course and the players returned to the Heritage Village for lunch and awards. In addition to our members Bob Clarke, Carl Peach and Vince Butt were involved in making this a success.


In September we continued with the Community Calendar project, and over 200 calendars were sold.

I would like to thank the effort of our members, our ad sponsors, and patrons for making this a very successful project.


Throughout the fall Art Kelloway continued with minor repairs around the barn and ensured everything was ready for the animals during the winter.


In December we began a grant which is still ongoing. We have been able to bring down Emmie Evely's building to the village. We have completed the Railroad Station, and begun work on the POW Camp. As well some other work was completed in various buildings.


The Annual tree lighting was a success and we thank Mayor Dooley and MHA Sam for attending, along with Santa, Mrs. Claus, some carolers and mummers.


During the summer construction of the Post Office took place. This building was erected by Elihu Antle and passed over to the Heritage Society in December.


On December 13th we participated in the Victoria Christmas Parade. Mattthew Kelloway pulled a sleigh with the tractor in the parade. Several members of the Society sat on the

sleigh and sang as they went.


Throughout the year members came to the Village on a regular basis to clean the buildings, paint, help at the barn, etc.


Throughout the year June Antle continued with his archival work for the Society. June has been documenting family history in Victoria and has been actively looking for items to put on display in the Village.


Art Kelloway has been the keeper of the barns and animals and has been tireless in his efforts to keep everything on an even keel. While he is away he obtains the services of his son, Matthew, or one of our members.


We are grateful for the continued generosity of Mrs. Pottle, who is a major contributor to the upkeep of the barn and animals.



We are indebted to our Town Council and staff who have been increasing their participation in the Heritage Village. In addition to an annual grant they have provided much needed materials to complete some of our work on site. We rely on them for snow clearing, mowing, and general work. Deputy Mayor Snook is an active member of our group and provides guidance and feedback as needed.


We are an arm of Council and wish to comply with Council rules and regulations. If there is a concern regarding the operation of the park, or suggestions from citizens to improve what we have then we will meet with Council if required to ensure that our work impacts positively on the town and its citizens.


We are appreciative of the citizens and businesses of Victoria. Their attendance at our functions and donations to our events are a major part of the success of the Heritage Village.


My biggest thanks go to the members of the Victoria Historic Society. Without them we would not have accomplished what we did in 2014. There was never an issue with getting members to pitch in and help. Their many talents combine to make the Society successful.


We look forward to another exciting year in 2015.






Frank Antle

Chair Victoria Heritage Society and Heritage Village