Councilor Kelly Loch (Earle)

Kelly Loch (Earle) was born and raised in Victoria. She resides in Victoria with her husband John and their two children, Kelsey and Anderson. Kelly enjoys serving fellow teachers through the NLTA as she is the Carbonear Branch president.  She is a Victoria United Church organist and the Children's Choir Director.  In her spare time, Kelly enjoys playing music, camping and scrapbooking.

Kelly is the current Kindergarten Teacher at Persalvic School in Victoria.  She also serves on various committees at the local school.  She assists with many school choir initatives and also is the leader of the Persalvic Chamber Choir.

Kelly graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Education (Concentration in Music) in 1997.  She continued her education with obtaining a Bachelor of Special Education- honours in 1998.  In 2004, Kelly continued her education with receiving a Masters of Education Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia.

"I am enjoying my time on council and I am eager to learn the many realms of council! I look forward to serving the wonderful citizens of Victoria.  I am enjoying my time working with the other councilors.  I also feel we can achieve so much more when we work together as a team!  We must support each other in order to make Victoria a great place to live for everyone."