Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the Town of Victoria


The Town of Victoria was incorporated in 1971 and has a very colorful history. I take this opportunity to invite you one and all to visit our beautiful Town to view our historical sites and learn about our history. I feel confident that after viewing our Web Site you will want to visit our Town in person to see and learn more about our unique History and Culture.


The Town of Victoria is located in a beautiful evergreen valley on route 70 about 115 kilometers from St. Johns, and 50 kilometers from the Trans Canada Highway. We will be looking forward to your visit.


Mayor ---------- Barry Dooley

Deputy Mayor— Sharon Snooks

Councillor-------- Kelly "Earle" Loch

Councillor--------Glen Clarke

Councillor -------Jennifer "Harris" Baker

Councillor ------- Frank Antle

Councillor--------Aubrey Rose